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Why Abidal Network!

Called it ( Abidal Network ) for reason i built anything with multiple things in way suit my lifestyle i desire and i see it though vision to where it might be. For this it became real to me i never just wanted one or two thing in my life! I wanted so much more than just living by with no purpose or reason i create my destiny with my own hand.

Heading to gym and being in shape counts as taking health to another level, and good diet helps keep in shape.

Want more in life want to accomplish financially and stay healthy in progress making a difference daily

Caring of yourself matter!


Web interest includes managing projects prototyping, design, technical, social media marketing, building from scratch though at times hard to make time, I create time.

Life’s full of agenda from work & self time I manage almost my lifestyle to get better tomorrow that serve my needs and create income desired to attain it to myself, I want be legend of income creation of wealth and freedom.

If you are like me you want create like many things could drive you life to another level higher possibility of increasing your lifestyle living. E commerce through different type of way, such affiliate, network marketing, e-books, webinars, etc.

are you driven enough? , am not saying all littleĀ 

Write your story !