About Projects

If Possible to make projects in your life, what would it be for you start with guide kit to launch start up & keep them in note of your mind

Abdu Massage

Local massage service doing Freelance in hotel and home.
Swedish, Deep Tissue

Raise extra income!

Social media

Let your people know and identify you by doing social media marketing for your business to grow it


It's combination of ideas, tasks, to do that impact links your future income, lifestyle, and income.



One cmmon thing to start is brainstorm you ideas, and have mentally allow to flow the mind of all you think about in paper and write it down. 

You notice it’s been too much to write on specially if your case is almost always on contant thinking and never calm outside your zone. but inside you want explaode of idea this usually an introvert.

Story of the madness 

Assume its a thick wall you will break. its brutal to know you want to break throguh the life like a hero.


That is a hint of my own story . want share stuff can effect life’s of others can not improve your life. 

But sure can effect how we think as entrepreneures.